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Die Zwei Bruder

A collaboration between Andi Reisner (Germany) and Dudgrick Bevins (US) from Zustandsaufnahmen. Experimental. Ambient. And, on cassette!

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Georgia Dusk Audio Book

Georgia Dusk is an autobiographical poetry and photography chapbook collaboration by Dudgrick Bevins and luke kurtis. Both born in Dalton, Georgia and raised in rural Appalachia, the poet’s lives followed very different paths. Yet they both ended up in New York City where they eventually met for the first time. Upon discovering their common roots, the two poets developed a unique poetic bond. In Georgia Dusk, their contrasting literary and visual styles give way to poetic dialogue that explores themes of grief, longing, gratitude, pain, and joy against the simultaneous backdrops of their shared heritage and adopted home.

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Drivin' - A Chill Show for NewEllijay.TV

Conceived by Dudgrick Bevins, but Connor did all the hard work for the first episode.

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Kinstugi Books (Dudgrick Bevins), Publisher

The Archives is an experimental, hybrid, poetic narrative following the development and dissolution of a long-distance, polyamorous, kink relationship during the lockdown. Navigating the distance between the East Coast and the Midwest, a deadly virus, and the complications of open marriages, technology becomes the only aid for a queer couple seeking comfort and love in terrifying time – not just for themselves, but for their families and the world. To help illustrate the complexities of the relationship in The Archives, photos and QR codes (that link to digital audio clips) are woven into the text to lift the story off the page. Complex and contemplative, The Archives is an astounding in both subject and methodology.

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"Write a fucking poem 
every fucking time
you don't know what to do.
You'll have a body of work despite yourself."

Mike Golden

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