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Archivist of Attempts. Escape Artist of Perfection.

Option 1: Labels are for losers. Dudgrick Bevins is an interdisciplinary being existing at the intersection of art and academia. Poet and practical anarchist, Dudgrick believes in ludic play, resistIng specialization, and finds no greater joy than watching power fail. Dudgrick’s pronouns are “dude” and “buddy,” but "he/they" pronouns are also acceptable. 

Option 2: Dudgrick Bevins is a queer interdisciplinary artist from Deliverance-country in the north Georgia mountains. D lived in New York City where he taught literature and creative writing to high school students in Harlem and ran a queer comic fair. D has since returned to Georgia. D's writing and photography have been published in three books by bd-studios nyc, Georgia Dusk (with luke kurtis), Route 4 Box 358, and Vigil. D's chapbook, My Feelings are Imaginary People Who Fight for My Attention, is published by Poet's Haven Author Series. D's poetry has appeared in various online and print journals.

Option 3: Dudgrick is a person who makes things. D going bald. D loves animals first and people second. 

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