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10/21/20 Update -- New Book, Interviews, Friends, and More

New Book Coming In November!

The proof has been ordered for the new Kintsugi Book! Light Travels Further than Sound by Allen Lanning and myself! More details soon, but in the meantime, enjoy this cover preview.


Writing: Queer Forty

I'm proud to say I have two new articles up on Queer Forty! First is my column, Gays, Panic! In this edition I talk about how queer folk can identify with the otherness of the monster and suggest some new films that might help us under other "others." Check it here! Second, I interviewed the nice folx at Queerport about their event starting this Monday! Check out the interview, then go to the opening even on Twitch (psst... I'm the opening event).


Event: Wordshed

I'm pleased to announce that I will be reading from my upcoming book, Vigil (bd studios), at the next WordShedNYC event! Give them a follow on Instagram to see all the wonderful things happening!

Aside from yours truly, David Groff, Nicole Sealey, and Salar Abdoh will be reading!.Join us!


Collaboration: Sci-Fi Explosion's Spooptacular

Enjoy this little teaser I put together for friend and collaborator, Chris Cummins, host-with-the-most of Sci-Fi Explosion. See y'all at the event on October 30th, 7pm - October 31st, 7am.

"Join host Chris Cummins for 12, count ‘em, 12 hours of Halloween hilarity and science fiction weirdness in a marathon of strange clips, cartoons, music videos, original comedy segments, interviews, surprise feature films and so much more. Prizes will be awarded to those who stay up all night when everybody’s favorite cosmic cabaret of craziness explores its spooky side in the most maniacal marathon you can possibly experience this Halloween. Muhahahahahahaha! It’s fun and free."

Tune in to you dare.


Interview: Dudgrick Interviews Chris Cummins

Last week Bear World Magazine published my interview with Chris Cummins. Take a look at Chris's general shenanigans. Click the excerpt image below to read the whole article.


Coverage: Kudzu Crossroads

Kudzu Crossroads got a shout out on Bear World Magazine this week. If you haven't already, check out the event and register -- it is free! Happening October 28th!


Friends: Carla Cherry

My friend, fellow educator and poet, Carla Cherry, just released a new book. Her poems often lean in to narrative and away from abstraction with skill and wit that I only seen in the works of southern gothic songwriters of the 60's and 70's. Her tone and subject matter a different, but her deft hand and ear render poems that are every bit as powerful. I would recommend Cherry's work to anyone who said they love poetry, and to anyone who said they didn't -- her words are a welcome into a different world.

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