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10/3/20 Update -- Lobo Del Mar and More

It has been a busy month since my last update. Busy and exciting!

Lobo Del Mar Galley is hosting an online show of Queer artists in conjunction with the NYC Queer Zine Fair. My video, Upsheren, I'm proud to say, is included in the show. In addition, Kintsugi Books is part of the NYCQZF's directory of Queer zine makers and micro presses. See some highlights in the gallery below.


Additionally, Vigil is on its last edit before being published by bd studios! This will be my third book with bd studios and I couldn't be happier with the design, guidance, and editing of luke kurtis. Here is a preview of the cover. The book should be out as soon as I can get these last edits in.


Also, NEW VIDEOS! Rawbone is a video poem of organic symmetries.

Braid is a protest, an essay, a ritual, a poem... all geared towards empowering resistance to Betsy DeVos and all people in power pushing for the return to in-person school during a pandemic. Equal parts magic, history, and embodiment, Braid is chaos.

Moloch Machinery was composed for the Alter/Altar class hosted by Liminal Lab. It is also a kind of protest -- and not so subtly.

Lastly, a shared reading with the wonderful Larkin Higgins. She was incredibly kind about my "borrowing" her image for my poem -- but she is always kind.


In other good news, Laura Hinton hosted Rae Armantrout for the InterRUPTions series. Rae was a pleasure and a wonderful reader. Be on the look out for a video of that reading. And check out Laura Hinton's call for the next issue of her journal.


Current projects include: a commissioned video performance for QueerPort, some video work on the oppression of LGBTQ encouraged by legal religious exemptions for LGBTQ history month, InkTober, and a series of short articles for QueerForty.Com.


Kintusgi Books is busy as well! A panel discussion at the BGSQD is happening this month (be on the look out for that full announcement, but know Kyle Jackson and Jeff Mann are confirmed panelists), and I am deep in the editing process for the November release of Light Travels Further than Sound (Bevins and Lanning), and the January release of We Make Our Own Light. A short list for the 2021 year will be released soon, but submissions are still open. If you haven't picked up a copy, Pointless Thorns, the first Kintstugi Book is available now. PDF hardship copies are available FREE to anyone who makes a request and to reviewers.


And to share good news about to good people, check out this article where my friend and collaborator Kyle interviews my publisher, friend, and collaborator luke kurits on the book Architecture and Morality, of which I have an overdue review!


Lastly, the CCNY Revised Reading Series accepted on of my videos for their reading last week. I didn't get the chance to promote it, but archive the Zoom readings and will post later. In the meantime, enjoy my contribution: Eternal Recurrence.


More to come! As always, submissions are open. Use the form on this site or email directly to KintsugiBooks@Gmail.Com. If you have questions for me or need/want a free/review copy email DudgrickBevins@Gmail.Com. If you are waiting for a response to a submission, be patience -- responses are coming!


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