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13 Days Til Halloween Starts Now!

Welcome one and all to the countdown to our favorite day of the year - Halloween!

I am your host, Preternatch and it is my honor and privilege to be your guide through this event for 13 Stories Til Halloween, keeping the countdown tradition alive (or undead)!

Each day posts here will feature either a fresh new tale of terror or some creeptastic artwork from the twisted crews of 13 Stories Til Halloween, & Eldritch Almanac! Maybe even some other surprises, tune in to find out!

Watch this space at the Witching Hour on the daily as we creep ever closer to Day of the Dead / Samhain / All Hallow's Eve or whatever YOU call it!

Drop your email into the Subscribe form at the bottom of the page to be reminded of each day's post (and the monthly posts at Eldritch Almanac)!

artwork copyright Oddities by Ernie

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