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7/14/20 Update - Call for Submissions & New Work

Out today is the original version of "Time is the Fire" (audio only) as it was originally performed for an InteterRUPTions reading. Check it out:

Also, if you haven't seen the video poem version, check that out too:

In fact, check out everything in the COVID issue of Laura Hinton's new Journal: so much great work in here from amazing poets!

In other news, I'm loving my class at! As I'm off from work and school it is the highlight of my week and giving me a reason to work! So grateful to have it! They have a Latinx Social Movements class coming soon! Sign up!

AND: Kintsugi Press is looking for submission! Poetry, prose, essay, fiction, photography, comics... open to all queer southern creators! The submission link is here: Submission guidelines are here:

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