7/14/20 Update - Call for Submissions & New Work

Out today is the original version of "Time is the Fire" (audio only) as it was originally performed for an InteterRUPTions reading. Check it out:

Also, if you haven't seen the video poem version, check that out too:

In fact, check out everything in the COVID issue of Laura Hinton's new Journal: https://www.chantdelasirenejournal.com/ so much great work in here from amazing poets!

In other news, I'm loving my class at http://www.theoperatingsystem.org/liminal-lab/! As I'm off from work and school it is the highlight of my week and giving me a reason to work! So grateful to have it! They have a Latinx Social Movements class coming soon! Sign up!

AND: Kintsugi Press is looking for submission! Poetry, prose, essay, fiction, photography, comics... open to all queer southern creators! The submission link is here: https://www.dudgrickbevins.com/kintsugibooks. Submission guidelines are here: https://www.dudgrickbevins.com/post/7-8-20-kintsugi-news-call-for-submissions-queer-southern-arts

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