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7/6/20 Update - Videos and Publication

Good news this week! First, a tribute to my late friend Dale Erwin, who died of cancer. The video does not do justice to his talents, but I hope it keeps people talking about his amazing work.

Also this week is my response to the murder of George Floyd, which came to my attention after the death of activist/writing Larry Kramer. It was performed and recorded that day for poet/academic Laura Hinton's reading series, InterRUPTions. She kindly has published the poem with this new video in issue 1 of her journal ( The video is below, but please follow the link above and see all the COVID-19 related art and poetry - literally, the world - has been creating: Janelle, Carla, and Susan are among my favorites in this issue!

What I've Been Reading?

  • Metagenealogy by Jodorowsky

  • Queer Ancient Ways by Xiang

  • Breathing by Bifo

What I've Been Watching?

  • Mirian Beerman: Expressing the Chaos

  • The Secret Life of Lance Letscher

  • Art 21 Season 6

  • Horace and Pete

Last Week's Video: In case you missed it!

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