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8/20/20 Update -- New Video and More

Hi Friends,

So much has happened lately!

First, Kintsugi Books is ALMOST ready to release Pointless Thorns {Ocean Poems} EARLY! That is right, EARLY! The book will be available through all major online retailers as a physical book and on the Apple store as an eBook. Get excited. Here's the blurb:

Pointless Thorns (Ocean Poems) is a work of conceptual poetry in diptychs composed as a work against itself. As Bevins wrote the poems he actively resisted narrative and theme, working as Pollock did with his paintings: each line is a drizzle and when an image appears the poet turns his back on it. In an aleatoric act, Bevins used an online title generator both to conclude and inspire each work. DeWaele then distilled the frantic energy of each poem into an image teetering somewhere between Op Art and Miami Deco with surrealist sensibilities. The result is thirty hinged tablets before you.

Keep an eye out for videos and the press release! Also, check out Nate DeWaele, the WONDERFUL artist behind the images in Pointless Thorns {Ocean Poems}. Have a look!

Kintsugi also has a new call for submissions out! Post coming soon!

As a reminder, Kintsugi Books now has an Instagram and a Facebook and you are encouraged to follow there for more consistent news and shares about what is being reading, our aesthetic, and general progress.

As I have mentioned, the wonderful Laura Hinton released the first issue of her new journal. I was lucky enough to have my video featured there and participate in the reading. Additionally, I took the liberty of editing together a video of the Zoom event for Laura. Have a watch!

This week's video is part two of my series collecting my poems from "My Feelings Are Imaginary People Who Fight For My Attention." Plan plan is to make five! The voice is all recorded, but music and video takes time. Wish me luck!

Last week's video was a short one. My ode to the post office made in early quarantine. With the current attack on the American Postal Service, it seems more important than ever.

And just another plug for my Tonsure Series, in which I examine hair and its rituals as metaphor for my inner-life. A few weeks ago Oinisteria came out. Two other videos from that series are completed and will be out before October 5th -- stay tuned for Postrzyzyny: A Rat-Tail and Braid, A Lyric Essay.

Until next time!


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