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8/23/20 Kintsugi News -- General Call for Submissions

Open Call for Manuscripts


Deadline: 1 December 2020

What: Kintsugi Books is currently reading full-length and chapbook manuscripts in all genres for the 2021-2022 catalog; Kintsugi is committed to publishing six new works a year but may choose to publish more and/or a journal.

Who: As a press, Kintsugi Books gives preference to hybrid and collaborative works written by previously unpublished authors/artists, Queer, BIPOC, MA/MFA students, and prisoners or formerly imprisoned individuals – but, everyone is welcome to submit. Regardless of Kintsugi Books’ preferences, any work must stand on its own in both ideas and execution.


  • Kintsugi Books publishes in 6x9 trade paperback format, color or black and while.

  • Artwork, included specialized text layouts, should be formatted to fit this ratio and sent at the highest resolution possible. Comic books, graphic novels, illustrated stories, photo essays, photo-poetry and illustrated poetry are all welcomed and wanted but must fit the dimensions above. If you need help formatting, can email Kintsugi Book with “formatting help” in the subject line.

  • Text-only works should be submitted in doc, docx, odt, or a google doc. Do not submit a pdf; it will not be opened. In most cases, we will not consider works shorter than 36 pages or longer 150; if in doubt, submit anyways – if too short or too long and we love it, we will make it work! Art is more important than rules.

Author Rights and Payment: Kintsugi Books is a No Profit (not “non-profit) publishing endeavor; everything is paid for “out of pocket.” Additionally, Kintsugi produces Books-At-Cost; this means print books are priced exactly at the cost to print and distribute, eBooks are priced at $1.99 to help recoup the cost of creating a book (close to $200 per title). Authors receive physical one (1) proof copy for editing and one (1) final contributor’s copy (in print, pdf, and ePub). Authors hold all rights to future editions and are encouraged to publish elsewhere after the print publication of Kintsugi Books’ edition and with the note, “Originally published by Kintsugi Books (year).” Authors are also entitled to print copies less the distribution fee, which may be sold on personal websites, and at shows and readings; however, the authors’ sale price must match the Kintsugi At-Cost online price.

How: Please submit to and include

  • The work in a doc, docx, odt, or google doc, or artwork formatted to 6x9 ratio,

  • A biographical statement which may include your website or social media

  • A short “pitch” that explains the overall concept of the work, or a summarizing blurb.

Feel Free to Use these Images to Share in Your Story

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