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8/4/20 Update -- New Videos

Last week was a blur and no update was made! Oops! But progress was made!

I wrapped up my wonderful class with the Liminal Lab and had a great closeout reading; and Laura Hinton hosted her InterRUPTions series again, with focus on her COVID issue. Carla Harryman, Susan Schultz, and Barrett Watten were in attendance with many others! Videos for those events soon.

In the meantime, here are the videos that have been released lately:

This work is made in honor of the gentle man who was the brains and heart behind Poet's Haven press, who published my chapbook. I've been slowly working though the chapbook to make videos of each of the five sections. Please checkout his website, linked on the Kintsugi News page.

This is a collaboration I did with a friend who wished to remain anonymous. He can identify himself anytime if he wishes. I used stop motion and green screen for the first time here; lots of fun.

This is another piece for my Tonsure series, with a Roman twist. It seems I can't get a haircut without making art and/or magic of it. If you didn't see it already check it out!

In Kintsugi News, the call is still open for the queer southern anthology. It closes on the 8th of this month and I (fingers crossed) anticipate a December or January release! If you want to submit, please do so by following the instructions on the original post.

Kintsugi now has an Instagram page and a Facebook page and you are encouraged to follow there for more consistent news and shares about what is being reading, our aesthetic, and general progress.

The official Kintsugi copy-editor (my partner) is hard at work on Pointless Thorns. It looks like a mid-September release and release party (on Zoom of course) for that book! If you haven't seen them, check out the previews for Pointless Thorns.


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