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August Update

Check out some of the projects updates from August.

Project: Frenzy | Fugue: I've posted an audio-visual work almost every day of 2021. In fact, every day since April has had seen a unique audio-visual work. I did not originally set to fill the YouTube calendar; my goal was to schedule one video a week on Mondays as far into the future as possible. I quickly hit the 104 week scheduling limit and had to double back start filling Tuesdays, then Wednesdays, and then Thursdays. Eventually I decided that I wanted to max out the calendar entirely and schedule one video a day for 104 week. The art includes the videos themselves, but it also includes my Frenzied attack on producing 730 videos -- an invisible performance. Because the project was conceived and produced in the ongoing pandemic, it serves as an unfolding journal of my artistic experience in the pandemic.

In April I started using printable calendars to track my scheduling. These calendars have become part of the art -- functional and their own weird artifact of what can be produced in the blindness of frenzy. My hope is to include these calendars each month in these posts. Follow the videos and/or subscribe here:

Eldritchic Almanac: This month the editor published my short story, "Left Handed Fridays at MoMA." Go check it out for some playful comedy horror.

Never[Music]: My second cassette and fourth album is out now from Lost Notes Media. Get the physical copy now! They are only available made to order, and only for a few days!

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