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First Album from Dudgrick Bevins!

Last Tuesday Lost Notes Media announced the first cassette by Dudgrick Bevins. The cassette is made to order and only available until May 6th. It is now or never! $6 with shipping.

The album mixes harsh noise, ambient synths, cassette dubbing, and plunderphonics into a 40 minutes of madness. Each side/song uses the same technique to different ends: "Raven, after A Woman is Talking to Death by Judy Grahn" is dark, abrasive, and hypnotic. Its counterpart, "Wren, after I Happen to Be Standing by Mary Oliver," is softer, warm, and organic.

Bevins uses the dualistic nature of the cassette (side A/side B) to emphasize the duality of his subjects and inspirations: two very different and incredibly powerful lesbian poets, horror films and children's media, hope and loss and hope regained.

Bevins' partner, Mikey Hope, who runs the Eldritch Almanac page here, designed the cover using an original photo. Hope also plays synths on "Wren." The first twelve cassettes come with a mini-zine outlining all the sources and inspirations, as well as a sticker!

The digital album is name-your-own-price.


What people are saying:

"OMG. That's terrifying." -- Dudgrick's Mom

"It sounds like my brain on Coricidin." ---- Allen Lanning, author of Light Travels Further than Sound

"Your music fits perfectly with the birds chirping in Central Park." ---- Adam Garnett, poet

"Now I wish I had a tape player." ---- 8-10 of Dudgrick's Friends

"This group isn't for self-promotion." ---- Noise Tapes and Trades, Facebook Group


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