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Light Travels Further than Sound

[NEW YORK, NY, January 2021] Kintsugi Books is excited to announce the release of its second work, Light Travels Further than Sound. A collaborative work that takes its inspiration from the LANGUAGE school of poetry, authors Allen Lanning and Dudgrick Bevins, speak in poetry and letters, responding to, redirecting, and reminding one another of who they were and are as they now as they trace the line of their twenty-year friendship.

Recalling Lyn Hejinian and Leslie Scalapini’s Sight, Lanning and Bevins write in a dreamscape, one full of night, blackberry picking, moonlight, and adolescent walks. These surreal memories and images offer the authors a space to process their individual confinements: Bevins at home in the earliest days of the COVID pandemic and Lanning languishing in county jail.

A shared history of trauma — Lanning’s experience of loss, Bevins’ processing of his father’s cancer, the division of the two as teenagers, Bevins’ experience of coming out with Lanning’s support — bond these two and allow for a shared language to develop, not coded but personal, as if writing in twin-speak. Their shared love of the Beat Poets erupts through vocabulary, references, and tone, as well as a mirroring of Allen Ginsberg’s love for Neil Cassidy in the day Bevins recalls the platonic affection between the two that could only exist in adolescence.

Light Travels Further than Sound is personal and public, mythic and local, written during the pandemic between the chaos of New York City and cloistered loneliness of a North Georgia county jail. Bevins and Lanning use light — text and email — to speak across a void too vast fir sound to reach, and together they invite you into the world of cancer, blackberries, overdoses, dirt roads, jail houses, and night swimming.

Allen Lanning emerged from the darkness fully formed. Raised on spring water, sassafras, and nightshade, he studied literature on unmade beds, borrowed couches, and in between probation hearings. He has at least one child, and in another life kept tarantulas as emotional support animals.

Dudgrick Bevins is the author of two full-length volumes from bd studios, Route 4 Box 358 (2018) and Vigil (forthcoming, 2020), the chapbook “My Feelings are Imaginary People Who Fight for My Attention” (2018, Poet’s Haven), and the collaborative chapbook “Georgia Dusk” with luke kurtis (2017, bd studios). He has appeared in Ashé: The Journal of Experimental Spirituality, Peregrine, Common Ground, and the anthology, Queer, Rural, American, from University of Louisville Press.


For more information or to request a digital copy, please email Pointless Thorns {Ocean Poems} is available now through Amazon and other distributors in print and eBook.

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