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Updated: Aug 3, 2021

2021: Never[Silent] | In Frank's Box - from Basement Corner Emissions

In “Never[Silent] — In Frank’s Box” Bevins attempts to retro-engineer the experience of picking white noise voices (EVP) from the scanning of a Frank’s Box, AKA Ghost Box. Frank Sumption invented the device to allows people to receive messages from aliens and ghosts; but Bevins has the messages already and buries them in the noise that Sumption hoped to free them from.

Starting with recordings of his grandfather talking and singing made in the 80s and 90s, Bevins then layers warped tape loops, static walls, and otherworldly gurgling with broken drum sequences and fragmented melodies.

In this miasma of sound, Bevins and the listener are able to extract new Delphic messages from the dead. In this way the album is as much “music” as oracle, and the listener can choose to be the querent or the reader — or both. Considering that Bevins’ grandfather was a diviner, this oracular quality is appropriate even if it is divorced from its original context.


2021: Never | Odr - Released from Default Stand Records

Dudgrick Bevins’ Never | Odr is an ode to the Norse god of madness. Never | Odr embodies the tension between inspiration and frenzy. Bringing his signature style of noise fused with orchestration and audio sampling, Bevins takes you through layers, measured in fractions, to complete and total madness.


2021: Never[More] - In the Shadow of Your Winds from Lost Notes Media

Never[More] - In the Shadow of Your Winds is an ode to duality and the power of birds and words to move between those dualities. With songs named after two of Bevin's favorite poets, who happen to be queer, and the incorporation of film dialog, the work also becomes an ode to Bevins' friend Adam who introduced him to Mary Oliver. The physical cassettes were accompanied by a handmade mini zine.


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