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5/18/20 Update - New Video, "The Treachery of Words"

Updated: May 25, 2020

InterRUPTions is a reading series at the City College of New York featuring writers who rupture or break with established modes of writing. While experimental, conceptual views of multi-disciplinary writing in relation to the political have long circulated in New York City, they are often only associated with Manhattan’s “Downtown” literary scene, below 14th Street. Our City College neighborhood in Harlem has its own rich history of literary-artistic innovation and politically engaged art. InterRUPTions seeks to bring traditionally “Downtown” writers to CCNY’s Uptown campus, which is one of the city’s most ethnically diverse college communities. In order to foster an on-going exchange on topics concerning aesthetics and values, art and ideas, discussions follow every reading.

Dudgrick Bevins' poem was written for the occasion of the 2020 InterRUPTions series and is a response to the COVID crisis, Carla Harryman's writing, and Laura Hinton reigniting her series on Janelle Poe runs the reading period after the guest.

See Bevins' Books:

See More About Bevins from bd studies nyc:

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