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Summer Solstice 2021 - Summer's Heat, by CG Tenpenny (G)

The Queen of Summer snarled and slung her heat asunder and we all were burned.

She, the cleansing beast, scorched away each green leaf and dried the dew, so that Autumn could speak her worth.

That delicate poetry, red, orange, and yellow – these words that leave her mouth, will slowly turn as brown as Summer’s dry and scorched earth.

All this must come before the wicked one, the Queen of Winter, chooses the good silver for her annual feast.

She, the truest killing thing, hunts like a shark with a mouthful of icy stalactite teeth.

Gentle Spring, young and sweet, waits nearby to watch the green sprouts grow beneath her delicate feet.

She is rebirth, and this, her turn, represents the wheel’s wobbly spin, complete.

She’d never understood her Sisters’ angst, but Summer’s heat had always impressed her.

But, wait she must, because her Sisters had only just begun to yell and rage, and to stamp their feet, until the turn

of the next year.

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